PHC MOMentum 20Chai Trip in Israel

21 May 2017

Nili Couzens talk   'Your contribution to Jewish Destiny' discussed the  7 prophecies in the Torah of the Jewish people, and that the significance of these are ever important to us today as they will continue to be in our future.

The 7 Judaic prophecies or wonder...

18 May 2017

Every visitor to Israel be they Jewish or otherwise always includes Masada on their itinerary.  The Masada experience and its story of resistance and heroism is unique. David our tour guide says he has seen among non Jewish groups visiting a few taking a small stone wi...

11 May 2017

An emotional rollercoaster day.  We started off with a tour of old city, starting out at Jaffa Gate,'s mezzuza was made from bullets in the 1947 and 1967 wars.  Travelled through the Armenian Quarter, to the Jewish quarter.  At the Aish Centre the inspirational sp...

10 May 2017

Day 2 of our journey started with a talk by Raquel Kirszenbaum, an entertaining, warm outgoing Israeli explaining the Kabbalah of Love.  Real true love  a comes from inner strength and the choice to see the good in people, to be thankful for our spouse, and people in o...

9 May 2017

After converging on Ben Gurion airport  on a sweltering day we set off with great excitement and anticipation  on a coach to Tiberius. We joined the US group from Orange County CA with an ice breaker the Aussie and Americans spoke a bit  about  themselves.  Patrick ent...

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