PHC MOMentum 20Chai Trip in Israel

As the week comes to a close there are no words to describe how incredible this journey is, we are all eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this trip of a lifetime together.  From Tel Aviv , to Jerusalem Masada to the Dead Sea to highest point o...

6 May 2018

Our day started with the amazing Adrienne talking to us about The Kabbalah Of Love and how being a ‘master’ of love means mastering the art of outwards focus. The more you give, the more you love.

For me the most important message was that a good relationship is not 50-...

After a little sleep in we headed off to Yad Vashem.  Every single visitor to Israel visit’s this landmark. Interesting to find out that both Yad Vashem and Har Hertzal are on a connecting piece of land, illustrating the strong link between tragedy and the amazing Stat...

Wow - what a special feeling to spend Shabbat in Jerusalem. It started off with a walk through the old city to the Aish building where we all brought in Shabbat with candle lighting. From there we headed to the Kotel.

The Kotel is really alive on Shabbat. Hundreds an...

Yad Vashem, Har Herzl & the Kotel - wow, what a day!  It was quite intense & I experienced a full range of emotions from sadness to a great sense of pride & appreciation for who I am, where I come from & where I am today.

Entering the gates of Yad Vashe...

4 May 2018

Unity without uniformity - camel riding , Bedouin experience, Masada , Dead Sea and the academy of leadership Ein Prat. 

We made an early start from Jerusalem and descended into the desert.  I new this day would be full of adventure and a leap back in time!  Adrienne Go...

Everybody wanted to put their note or prayer into the wall. 
What a feeling of emotion. 
A special feeling of being Jewish
Saying your own prayer facing the wall.
A proud moment for me.
A feeling of belonging.
Walking away I walked past army boys at their passing out p...

3 May 2018

With excitement and eagerness the 200 honoured women chosen to experience JWRP - MOMENTUM trip May 2018 sat at the edge of their seats and absorbed every word spoken by the entertaining and enlightening Adrienne Gold.

The words resonated so deeply with me: a woman, mot...

2 May 2018

The day began with a trip to the Tel Aviv stock exchange, which we were really excited to explore.  As we were walking in to the building, I overheard two fellow Perth Momentum girls chatting and when I asked what they were discussing, the one remarked that she wished...

1 May 2018

Fifty women boarded the bus to our first official event.  Girls from Perth, Israel, South Africa and Toronto all excited to start this adventure.  Each of us here for our own journey, and very excited to get going. 

200 women on the Momentum program from...

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