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The PHC has been at the heart of the Perth Jewish community for more than 130 years, providing facilities and services central to Jewish life in Perth.   

Judaica, Book & Gift Shop

                    Your one stop Judaica store in Perth , We offer a wide range
                    of Jewish books and  religious items  for all Jewish holidays                     festivals and occasions.
                    Click here to shop online

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Ruth Landau Harp Early Learning

                    The Ruth Landau Harp Early Learning Centre and       
                    Kindergarten, proudly owned and operated by the PHC, is
                    the only accredited Jewish daycare and early learning centre
                    in Perth offering kosher meals.  
                    Click here for more information 

Perth Hebrew School


                    The Perth Hebrew School offers after-school cheder
                    classes. The dynamic informal education programs address
                    Jewish life, chaggim, reading and writing Hebrew, tefillah                          and much more! 
                    Click here for more information and to enrol

Functions & Catering

                    PHC members can access the PHC facility at no charge are
                    invited to host smachot and other functions in the Shule
                    Click here for more information or email us to tell us about                      your simcha

Kashrut Authority of WA (KAWA)

                    The Kashrut Authority of WA provides supervision to all    
                    Kosher food services and suppliers in Perth WA.

                    ​For shomer enquiries, help to kasher your kitchen or advice                      about kosher products & services go to                       or contact Lenny Zeilinger on 0410 548 859 

Bat & Bar Mitzvah Programs

                    Our Bat Mitzvah program is made up of 10 interactive
                    group-based sessions, facilitated by Rebbetzin Liat.
                    Bar mitzvah boys learn one-on-one with Rabbi Lieberman                        or the youth leader.  These services are complementary for
                    members. Click here for fees (non-members).  


                    The choir, conducted by Michael Wainstein, sings on
                    Rosh Chodesh and special occasions Click here for more info.

Perth Mikvah


                    The Perth Hebrew Congregation is home to a modern and
                    well appointed mikvah, which has been approved by leading
                    halachic authorities.  It is the only mikvah in Perth and
                    serves the entire Jewish community.
                    Click here for the mikvah roster.
                    For queries please call Susan 0433 918 640. 

PHC Youth Programs


                    PHC youth programs cater for children from age 3 to young                      adults of 23 years old.  Programming is informal and                                dynamic and aims to engage youth and to instil an                                  understanding and acceptance of Judaism by making it                            relatable for all.  Click here for more info or email             

Leila Hoffman Torah Education Library


                    The Library is located in the Shule and has an extensive
                    range of learning resources to support Torah study at all

Shiurim & Adult Education

                      There is something for everyone! On Tuesday evenings
                      Rabbi gives a 'Prophets' shiur and an 'Ethics' shiur on                              Thursdays between Mincha & Ma'ariv. A Ladies' Shiur is                            on Thursday mornings and in-depth programs are offered                        as advertised.  Click here for more information.

Section Indicators

                    Do you sometimes lose the place during the
                    service?  The PHC Section Indicators make following the
                    Shule service easy!

                    Click here for the page guidelines 

Yahrzeit Reminders

                    Yahrzeits commemorated by members are available in the
                    link below. Yahrzeit reminders is not automatic, even if the
                    deceased was a member. Members who would like to         
                    receive Yahrzeit reminders please click here.  


                    The Perth eruv covers areas of Menora, Coolbinia, North
                    Perth, Yokine and Dianella. If the eruv is not kosher and
                    functional, members are notified via email.

                    Click here for the Eruv map

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