Rabbi Daniel J Lieberman

Rabbi Daniel Lieberman is the spiritual leader of the Perth Hebrew Congregation.  In his role, Rabbi Lieberman is also an halachic advisor to the Kashrut Authority of WA (KAWA), is the Spiritual Dean of the Perth Hebrew School and the halachic authority for the Ruth Landau Harp Early Learning Centre.

Rabbi Lieberman joined the Perth Hebrew Congregation after serving as the Rabbi of Allerton Hebrew Congregation in Liverpool for 5 years.  Prior to this, he served as Associate Rabbi at South Manchester Synagogue in Bowdon UK where he focused on youth and family development.  

Rabbi Lieberman studied at Gateshead Yeshiva Gedolah in the UK and Yeshiva Pri Eitz Chaim in South Africa before attaining Semicha from Rabbi Zalman Nechemya Goldberg in Jerusalem.

"At its most sublime, Judaism is a complete and fulfilling way of life from cradle to grave.  Part of its beauty is the partnership between home and shule, in living a Jewish life.  The Shule is at the heart of the community."  Rabbi Lieberman is passionate about community cohesion and has always sought to improve and enhance the Jewish experience through modern up to date thinking and innovation.  

Rabbi Lieberman also has had a particular interest in mental health.  He first studied Psychotherapy and recently completed his MSc in Applied Psychology for Mental Health at the University of Liverpool. 
As part of his degree, Rabbi Lieberman has researched the way the Jewish community deals with mental health issues both on a personal, communal and Halachic level.


Outside of working life, Rabbi Lieberman enjoys playing the guitar, participating in soccer, cricket and boxing and is a lifelong fan of Manchester United.  Rabbi Lieberman speaks several languages including Yiddish and Hebrew and after two years in Perth, he now also speaks some 'Aussie'.

Rabbi Lieberman’s wife, Rebbetzin Liat hails from Johannesburg, South Africa, and they are blessed with four beautiful children Gavi, Eli, Tamar and Elianna. 

Rabbi Lieberman can be contacted on 9271 0539 or rabbi@thephc.com.au