The Perth Hebrew Congregation is home to a modern and well appointed mikvah, which has been approved by leading halachic authorities.  

It is the only mikvah in Perth and serves the whole Perth Jewish community.  There is a roster of dedicated volunteers who are on call to staff the mikvah each day. 

To make an appointment please phone the Mikvah ladies 48 hours before required


If you have any queries please call Susan 0433 918 640. 

Please note

There is a charge of $20.00 for use of the mikvah to cover running costs.  A booklet of 10 tickets can be pre-bought from the office or payment in cash can be made at time of visit.

Tevilat Keilim 

Please contact the office 92710539 during office hours to arrange tevilat keilim (placing new dishes in the mikvah).


Halachic Questions

For halachic questions regarding the mikvah, please contact Rabbi Lieberman on rabbi@thephc.com.au.