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Our Youth engagement and informal education team is made up of Tomor Belovski and Lindsey Manushewitz. 

Together, they are a formidable team that runs EmPower. 
EmPower creates opportunities for youth of all ages to connect to our Jewish values and identity, progress their Jewish and Hebrew learning and make new friends in our community.


It includes formal and informal educational, social and communal functions and activities – and ensures that we offer something for everyone! 

The aim is to instil a positive relationship with Judaism and to make relevant our 4000-year-old religion.  This is achieved by actively building and maintaining relationships with Jewish youth of all levels of observance.  Put simply, PHC EmPower aims to make Judaism relatable and accessible for today's youth. 



EmPower Thru Learning
After much success and increased demand over the past few years, we have developed and extended our after school Jewish Studies Learning program to cater for additional year groups and High School students - as well as a focus on Hebrew reading. 
We are licensed Aleph Champ providers and also use the fantastic Tribe programs which are tried and tested internationally.
Each session focuses on a combination of Jewish Studies, with topics including Tefilla, Shabbat, Chagim, Kashrut and many more, as well as a focus on developing Hebrew reading skills - during one lesson time. 
Primary School  
Monday – 4.00pm – 5.00pm for ages 4-6 years old 
Tuesday – 4.00pm – 5.00pm for ages 10-12 years old 
High School 
Monday – 5.15pm - 6.00pm for ages 7-9 years old 
Tuesday – 5.15pm-6.00pm for high school students 


EmPower Shabbat Children's and Youth Services

These start approximately 10.30 am in the Mercaz (the PHC Youth Centre). 

There are four Shabbat Children and Youth Services: 

  • Prep – Year 2  

  • Year 3 – Year 5 

  • Year 6 – Year 8 

  • Year 9 –upwards 

All programs are held in the PHC Mercaz and are facilitated by experienced madrichim. Programs are dynamic and include lessons and activities about the Parsha of the week, prayers and brochot!  Children also enjoy a youth kiddush in the Mercaz.   


Look out for the fun and exciting Rosh Chodesh kiddushim after Kabbalat Shabbat!


Bar & Bat Mitzvah Tuition 
The PHC offers dynamic Bar & Bat Mitzvah programs. 


Bar Mitzvah  
The Bar Mitzvah Program is a twelve month program of weekly lessons.  The program includes preparation for the big day: how to sing kiddush, yigdal, anim zemirot, the brachot, haphtorah and  


Torah reading as well as preparation for ‘life after the big day’: what it means to be a mensch, laying tefillin, how to pray, what it means to be bar mitzvah, principles of faith, the duty of a Jew as a ‘Light unto the Nations” and more. 

Bat Mitzvah  
The group-based Bat Mitzvah program includes weekly lessons with Rebbetzin Liat over a period of three months.  The newly revised and upgraded Bat Mitzvah program addresses a wide range of fundamental themes in Jewish practice, including:  Tefillah – Prayer & Connecting to God: insights & familiarity with central Tefillot; Shabbat and Hadlakat Neirot; Female heroines & Jewish pride; Derech Eretz and Jewish Values 
Hands-on informal and experiential activities are incorporated into the program and extra individual attention is provided in the weeks leading up to the Bat Mitzvah, when Rebbetzin Liat assists your daughter with the preparation and presentation of her speech to the congregation. 

In addition to the formal lessons, there are a range of educational and social events for your son or daughter and their friends including:  Special youth activities on Shabbat, Chaggim and throughout the year and special activities for young marrieds and young adults.  


EmPower Thru Engagement

EmPower Engage is made up of an exciting line-up of social and communal activities, some of the regular are:


  • Pizza Parasha
    A weekly event for high school students, this includes a short dvar Torah, socialising and great pizza.


  • Holiday Camps
    In the April and July school holidays we offer EmPower Holiday Camp for prep to year 2 students. These are usually 4-5 days and are jam-packed with fun and engaging incursions, activities and programs. Please note dates and implementation are subject to confirmation


  • Festival Programs

  • Each Chag we put on programs for our youth.  Follow us on social media to stay updated.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children!

Contact Us


Tomor Phone: 0480423236
Lindsey Phone: 0411435520

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram too!

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