PHC Youth

Our Youth engagement and informal education team is made up of Yoni Ellert and Eden Diamant. 

Together, Yoni and Eden ensure that we cater for all ages from as young as 3 years old in our Noar (children's service) program, up 23 years old with our many young adult events.  The aim is to instil a positive relationship with Judaism and to make relevant our 4000-year-old religion.  This Yoni and Eden achieve by actively building and maintaining relationships with Jewish youth of all levels of observance.  Put simply, the PHC youth programs aim to make Judaism relatable and accessible for today's youth. 


Activities & Programs

  • The Noar - our weekly children's services for ages 3-12 years
    The Noar runs on Shabbat morning each week from 10:15am to 11am and is fun and
    dynamic for kids of all ages.


  • Youth Minyan and Kiddush
    High school students get together for a minyan and enjoy good food on Shabbat.


  • Judaism & Zionism Program (JZP)
    Our informal education (cheder) program, also known as Hebrew School, is for children of all ages
    who do not attend a Jewish school.  The group-based programs address all aspects of Jewish life including chaggim, tefillah and brachot as well as Hebrew reading and writing. 


  • Pizza Parasha
    A weekly event for high school students, this includes a short dvar Torah, socialising and great pizza.


  • Girls / Blokes Shiur 
    A fortnightly shiur for year 11 boys and girls and upwards to age 23. This event is perfect for young adults who are interested in learning but still want a social environment to do it in.


  • Festival Programs
    Each Chag we put on programs for our youth.  Follow us on social media to stay updated.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children!


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Perth Hebrew School

The PHS offers informal education that is aimed at instilling children with a love of Judaism and Torah. The dynamic, group-based programs address all aspects of Jewish life including chaggim, tefillah and brachot and Hebrew reading and writing.  The structure of the program allows for age appropriate learning that meets the requirements of each child.   

Classes are on Tuesdays from 3.30pm to 5pm in the PHC Mercaz (youth centre).

To discuss the program and how it can meet your needs, please contact our Youth Leader, Yoni Ellert on 0422423720 or email: or click the enrolment link to enrol now!

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A bit about Yoni and Eden

Yoni, aka the 'big friendly giant' is charismatic, logistical and connects
with children on their level.  Eden, an enthusiastic 'superwoman' is warm
and welcoming; she always has a smile to go with any situation and is creative,
warm and engaging.  Together, Yoni and Eden make a strong team that caters
for all youth age groups and ensure that there is something for everyone. 


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