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History of the Perth Hebrew Congregation Inc


Established in 1892, The Perth Hebrew Congregation Inc (PHC) has been at the heart of the Perth Jewish community for more than 127 years - and is still as strong and dynamic a community as ever!

The Shule was originally located in Brisbane Street, Northbridge. It moved to its current location in Menora in the 1970's.
The PHC has played a pivotal role in the history of Western Australian Jewry and the development of the community. The organisation was founded in 1892 when members of the small Jewish community of Perth inaugurated regular religious services. With the colony embarking upon unprecedented expansion due to rich gold discoveries, the population of Perth increased rapidly. In the process, the Perth Hebrew Congregation became the premier institution of WA Jewry and retained that position in the decades which followed. Today the PHC is the oldest and largest organisation of Western Australian Jewry and continues to flourish as the core institution of Orthodox Judaism in Western Australia.

Rabbis of the PHC

Rabbi Daniel J Lieberman (2018 – Current)
Rabbi Dovid Freilich OAM (1988 - 2018)
Rabbi Michael Orelowitz (1986 - 1987)
Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman (1965 - 1985)
Rev Emanuel Fischer (1964 - 1967)
Rabbi Louis Rubin-Zacks (1939 - 1964)
Rabbi David Isaac Freedman (1897 - 1939)

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