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Our Freedom & Our Growth

After converging on Ben Gurion airport on a sweltering day we set off with great excitement and anticipation on a coach to Tiberius. We joined the US group from Orange County CA with an ice breaker the Aussie and Americans spoke a bit about themselves. Patrick entertaining and very knowledgeable tour guide spoke and imbued us with great sense of connection and pride and awe for Israel. It was unique unforgettable experience wending our way down the road to Tiberius, a city that has been Jewish for 3,000 years - it has the tomb of the Rambam. The view of the expanse of the Kineret was breathtaking, and nestled on the Tel overlooking the Kineret we could see the mystical Tzfat.

After freshening up at the Hotel Leonardo​ we were were captivated by a JWRP speaker Adrienne Gold. She spoke of the need to stretch ourselves be the ribbon that connects people. She spoke of the power of words, how easy it is Loschon Hara..that our urge the do so is strong...but that as humans with souls, we can choose to respond to a situation and can choose holiness and kindness. We should look at our neighbours favourably, not to speak negatively ...even if true. She quoted from Viktor Frankel "between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is the power to choose our response. In that response is our freedom and our growth".

Adrienne encouraged us to find our freedom and growth in the mantra "Dont Blame. Don't Complain" - be thankful to G- d.

We felt uplifted and inspired by her profound words and advice.

We then had a sumptuous dinner with all the other participants on a truly magical Al fresco area alongside the Kineret. The fireworks were a wonderful surprise. We then partied and great fun was had by all... with ruach and non stop dancing to songs like Salaam , Moshiach and many others...We linked arms with the Americans, Argentinians, Spanish and South Africans (Cape town) dancing the hora and other dances. What fun! After a debrief with Susan we hit the sack with a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration too!

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