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A Shabbat in a Million

Bringing in Shabbat in Jerusalem is an experience I wish for every fellow Jew.

The day started with a hilarious talk by the very funny Rav Gav Friedman. He delivered such an entertaining talk about Shabbat.

Lori Palatnik then gave an informative talk on the different types of body and souls.

In a nutshell we all fit into 3 categories, Tov, Chaim and Bracha based on emotions and character traits. I identified with a little bit of all three. Tov seems uptight, Chaim pensive and Bracha fun- loving! Ask my patient hubby - he’ll agree - I can be all 3 in any given day!

After a frenzied day of talks and strolling through the old city we started our Shabbat preparations. We headed to the kotel in our pretty Shabbat attire.

We were treated to the most beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat concert. The young girl singing had the voice of an angel and emotions soared and tears flowed.

We then made our way to the Kotel where we were met with dancing and singing on a level I’ve never seen before. 600 plus women all unified. There were onlookers fascinatingly videoing us. I was so proud!!

Shabbat dinner was a feast fit for a king (or queen). We were blessed to have Lori and Rabbi Palatnik at our table. They are so inspirational! The night ended with us all geared spiritually and mentally ready for Saturday. I thought Shabbat was supposed to be a day of rest!

Not in Jerusalem! We were busy from morning to night.

In the morning, Gevura Davis delivered such a relevant talk on parenting, comparing it to a garden. We need to sow the seed in fertile soil, water regularly and get rid of the weeds.... constantly!! The seeds you sow will define what will grow.... it makes so much sense!

We then had the most heart warming Shabbat lunch with Pnina and Chananya Rothner who so generously and warmly welcomed us into their home before Havdalah where again we sang, we danced and we cried - on the Aish haTorah rooftop. It was the perfect end to a Shabbat in a million!

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