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Serene and Spiritual

On awakening at sunrise on the Kinneret we indulged on a sumptuous Israeli breakfast. Endless choices of dishes from herrings to olives to assorted cheeses to delicious rugelach and more!

Raquel gave a talk on happiness, love and marriage in Judaism, sharing her funny and spirited personal stories. I loved her warmth and enthusiasm. It was lovely to hear. We continued on from Tiberius to Tsfat climbing through the mountains with beautiful views of Mt Meron.

Tsfat was really phenomenal... we walked around through a cobblestone path filled with delightful artist galleries and shops. We also visited three ancient and still active shules. Then we had a tour of the mikveh ... it was exceptional!

Do u know this is the only mikveh in Israel with full facilities for disabled people... full hospital hoists in the toilet and bathroom. I was really moved by that , people travel from all over Israel to use it ! Wow the mikveh ladies were like angels 👼 serene n spiritual... it was beautiful... no exaggeration. We sang and danced with them It was a beautiful experience.

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