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The Kabbalah of Love

Day 2 of our journey started with a talk by Raquel Kirszenbaum, an entertaining, warm outgoing Israeli explaining the Kabbalah of Love. Real true love a comes from inner strength and the choice to see the good in people, to be thankful for our spouse, and people in our lives. The importance of thanking our partner, children or others is more for our benefit than the recipient, as it reminds us to be grateful for what we have ...and what we don't.

In the mystical Tsvat we went inside the Ha'Ari Shul and Abuhav shul. We felt hushed and humbled inside. We learned the Kabbalistic explanation why we don't eat milk and meat together.

At the Mikvah and learned its significance of renewal and rebirth. During an emotional and tearful meditation session we were overwhelmed in an exercise of releasing and letting go of our personal woes, grievances and worries we hold onto.

Then to Jerusalem. The coach travelled along a Highway with 4 lanes in each direction and went through a tunnel...21st Century infrasructure in an ancient land!

As we ascended the mountains Jerusalem came in sight, and with the strains of Jerusalem of Gold we were overcome ...some to tears.

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