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Come, my beloved

Come, my Beloved, to meet the Bride, let us welcome the Shabbat"

This is the meaning of the Lecha Dodi prayers when one welcomes in Shabbat. This was composed by one of the Kabbalists of Tsfat in the sixteenth century.

As we ushered in Shabbat and the sun was setting one could feel the transformation at the Kotel. Our group of JWRP women formed circular formations closely together and began to sing' Lecha Dodi'. So moving, powerful and captivating that others were mesmerised and had to stare.

We then made our way from the Old City to the Waldorf Astoria for a Shabbat banquet of epic proportions. Here we were inspired and entertained by Rav Gav, aka Rabbi Gavriel Friedman.

For Shabbat lunch we walked with our host Yoni and soon met his heavily pregnant wife Yochi. Here we enjoyed a delicious lunch and much sharing and friendship before it was time to leave and walk back to the Old City for Seudah Shlishit and Havdallah.

A special time, a space, a break in the week. Renewed, refreshed, we smell sweet spices to awaken our senses and prepare us for a new week. Shabbat ends.

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