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Our Cup Runneth Over

Our view for Seudah Shlishit at the Clamans

The topic of Rabbi Gabriel Friedman's speech was 'Shabbos Heaven on Earth' was unexpected, you've never seen or heard a rabbi like this!! We were immediately hooked...and could not stop laughing. Weaving singing, lyrics, pop culture and a rapid fire humour, we were in stitches.

Jokes aside Rav Gabriel stated that the Jews gave the world the weekend. He spoke of the Shabbos experience as being the most pleasurable experience in which we 'disconnect to connect' to stop and cut out the noise and connect with our family and our Judaism.

Nili spoke of raising a child with soul. As parents we all want the best for our children, for them to become upstanding and decent Menches. Parenting involves thought, we should not go on automatic and educate and guide according to 'the way' but rather according to 'his/ her way'. We are to keep it all about them and not about us or our expectations. She implored us to be accepting of our children and cherish them for what they are good at, focus of attributes and abilities so they thrive. The tomato seeds can never produce apples, just as apple seeds cannot produce tomatoes. Parenting should take in mind the child. What hit me to the core was when she said that we are chosen among the entire world to be the mother to the soul of our children.

Together with some of the Israeli participants we were welcomed into the house of a young couple for Shabbat lunch. Yochi and Yoni, who opened their home and hearts to us. Not only were there 16 of us, but Yochi is 8/9 months pregnant. Over a delicious meal we heard from them and individually spoke of the significance of our JWRP journey. I was in awe of their sincere warmth and love for Shabbat.

Havdalla was in the old quarter in an ancient building The First Israeli Soldiers Centre, run by an organisation Thank Israeli Soldiers. You cannot go anywhere in Israel without feeling a sense of respect, and enormous pride for the soldiers, after all we all love our children. This centre serves as a refuge for the soldiers for physical and spiritual needs. We sang and danced and heard from vibrant energetic speakers, with messages of self respect and pride for Israel. The benefactor and founder of the Thank Israeli Soldiers Pamela Claman and her husband spoke. Pamela, although a small petite woman with a large turban brought a strong commanding presence. We could feel and see how she is held in high esteem. She spoke with verve and enthusiasm and spoke of putting out positive vibrations.

Just when we thought we couldn't fill the cup with any more experiences we went to the City of David light show. An incredible creative light extravaganza depicting the layer upon layer of the history of this land from the time of Abraham first and second destruction of the temple to the present....phew what a day!

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