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Paradigm Shift

Fifty women boarded the bus to our first official event. Girls from Perth, Israel, South Africa and Toronto all excited to start this adventure. Each of us here for our own journey, and very excited to get going.

200 women on the Momentum program from different backgrounds, all wanting to believe that anything is possible.

From the moment that I stepped on the bus, I felt grateful to be sharing this experience with Jewish women from all over the world. It didn’t take long for the girls to start chatting, and making connections - and knowing that the world is indeed small!

Adrienne Gold from Toronto was the first speaker and spoke of the paradigm shift. What an outstanding speaker - at times during her talk I felt very emotional - but went away with an understanding of the importance of not blaming and complaining but rather to turn every situation into an opportunity that we can grow from.

I am happy to be here in Israel with these incredible women and am so very excited to begin our journey of transformation.

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