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Shalom from Israel

After many miles, many hours, many interrogations, and an engine failure thrown in just for fun, here we are.

Rabbanit Aviva, Jian and Susan, thank you for choosing the most perfect group of ladies to share this amazing adventure. We’ve spent the last few days enjoying each other’s company, preparing for what we all know will be a life-changing experience.

As we were getting ready to leave to officially commence the program, we all received the below message ...

"Ladies! Sit down in a quiet place for just a minute. Look around you. Close your eyes and breathe. Be still. And breathe.

This is your time. There is a reason you are there now. Open yourself to the fantastic experiences that await. Breathe. Allow yourself to question, get carried on the wave, feel, laugh, let go, learn. And breathe. Inhale the connectedness, the love, the awe. As you feel your way through thousands of years of our history and start to create your new future, stop and be still sometimes to make the momentum yours. And breathe. Eat. Enjoy! Love Jian 💕"

Collectively we closed our eyes and took a deep breath. The significance of where we are and what we are about to embark on is not lost on us.

The reality however, is still unreal. We’re here, in Israel, our ‘home’, with our people.

Our journey is about to begin. We look forward to meeting new people, making new friends, breathing, eating, dancing, learning, laughing, (crying?) thinking, enjoying.

Our eyes, hearts, minds and arms are wide open, ready to embrace whatever the next 7 days will bring.

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