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No More Siddur Envy

Today I got my first Siddur ... it’s even personalised!! I never had a batmitzvah which is a usual time to be given a siddur. Tears just flowed!! I feel such a sense of pride and gratitude! Thank you Mmomentum for a gift I will treasure forever. My daughter was given a siddur when she had her batmitzvah. It was a small white one with gorgeous silver detail. I definitely got siddur envy!! Now I have my own. This somehow makes me feel more Jewish!

Lori gave us a brief, yet powerful talk on prayer which equipped us with the right frame of mind to get the most out of our visit to the Kotel. It was soul-fulfilling to pray for all my loved-ones.

Lori said something so true: When we work our bodies we sweat When we work our soul we cry (and that we did loads of!!!)

Natalie Schaffer

Proud Owner of a Personalised Siddur

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