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Breathe Bubbly

This morning at brekkie I decided to mingle and sat at a mixed table of Perthines (as Penny calls us) and Tampa Mums. We chatted about Perth and the Jewish Community and the different shuls. We are pretty unique!

This was no ordinary day, we began with a heartfelt talk from one of our Israeli sisters Tali, and with every talk I go to I take in what resonates with me. She has a degree in Psychotherapy and is the director of a resilience centre and a media spokesperson for TV news, super intelligent - but for me, the part that got my attention was that she counsels children in times of war and terror. Tali spoke about what resilience is; resilience is how you cope with an event and how you overcome it. Ping! Light bulb moment.

Her main goal is to develop programs for adults and children to improve their resilience.

She asked us when we are stressed what do we forget to do. The answer was breathe. We tense up and we forget to breathe, amongst other physiological things. She handed out a bottle of bubbles (not champers) and asked us to blow the biggest bubble we could. How does one do that? By blowing out gently and in a relaxed way. We got to keep the bubbles and every time we feel stressed to blow the biggest bubble/s we can.

Just breathe.

Lori’s topic was right up my alley.

Peace & Wellness in The Home.

Love & Marriage. Marriage means one. Opposites do attract. We grow through the challenges we are faced with. I’ll leave you with a few points that Lori left us with regarding love and marriage:

1. What is important to you, is important to me.

2. The more you give, the more you love.

3. Life happens and we forget the goodness.

4. Love is an emotion you feel when you focus on the virtues of another and identify them with those virtues.

5. Love is a choice.

Another unbelievable morning spent listening and taking in everything from a phenomenal speaker / educator.

How lucky am I!

Over and Out

Arden Josselowsky

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