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Courage with a Spoon Full of Chutzpah

We started the day with another great talk by Lori Palatnik. The theme was courage and stepping out of your comfort zone. It was truly inspirational!

We heard from Shani Zadikario who was brought up on an old style kibbutz where the children had a separate housing area to their parents. She spoke of the benefits and downfalls of this communal type living. The third speaker was Sivan Ya’ari CEO of Innovation:Africa who’s story blew me away. In a nutshell Sivan found a sustainable way to supply rural Africans with fresh water and power. I was absolutely amazed what one person’s dream could achieve.

I was inspired and ready to step out if my comfort zone until I ordered coffee and it was awful!! I did not have the courage (or chutzpah) to contest the Israeli barista! I was rescued by an Israel mom from bus number 3 who eloquently conveyed my plight and got the barista to give me another shot of coffee!!

We were treated to the very funny lecture by Zeev Ben- Shachar regarding Israel Activism. The take home message was that education and knowledge is key. Zeev gave us ideas of good books to read on the relevant topic. The afternoon included a walk through the craft market near the oldest part of TLV and then a tour of Jaffa. We bumped into Uri Geller ( as you do! ) at the URI Geller museum. I’d heard his name before but never realised what a celebrity he is. He’s claim to fame is the bending spoon trick.

We had a delicious dinner at the Hertzlia Marina.

On a final note: The day left me feeling inspired to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone.

Natalie Schaffer #allinallagreatday

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