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Today stared with an amazing Israeli Brekkie on the beach and stroll back to the “pre-momentum” apartment. We packed our bags and got ourselves organized, freshened up, “made-pretty” and felt ready to meet our new sisters and start the journey of a life-time.

Each of us at some point of the day felt nervous, excited, anxious, scared and overwhelmed by the unknown, but we already had formed a bond over the past 3 days and felt supported and relieved that we all felt the same.

Once checked in we met up with Liat who we hadn’t seen since we got to Israel. Our group was complete and we were ready for the journey.

We were welcomed with food, drinks and lots of chattering. 300 women, meeting, greeting and laughing and feeling a bit out of our comfort zones. We took our seats and that’s when it hit .... MoMentum is here! Lori Palatnick was phenomenal and I can not wait to hear her speak again. The things she was saying rang so true to me. I was so excited for my journey to begin. The night ended with 300 plus women dancing and singing. The atmosphere was electric! I absolutely loved watching Liat dance and celebrate. If this was day 1 I can barely wait to see what the rest of the tour has in store for me.

That’s it for today!

Over and Out

Arden Josselowsky

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